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Our stories


Elina Park

Elina is the mother of two children at age of 3 and 2, and two dogs and

she helped her husband restaurant business in Yorkton as a waitress and cook. After Lina was born, soon she had to stay home mostly as Lina had developed atopic dermatitis severely that needed lot of attention. Living in a very small town in Saskatchewan didn't give her many options of helping her little one and especially clothing. She searched for clothes that are soft, organic, simple and still look great but they were difficult to find. So she decided to make them by herself. In the beginning, it started like a hobby as she was lonely living so far away from her other family and friends. When she realized how much she was enjoying doing this, she went to Korea with her kids to take courses of professional sewing. When she came back to Yorkton, she started a small business by bringing her works to the local business and participating in crafts fairs. Seeing little success here and there, she felt confident her products can be loved by more moms out there so she launched LIANHANDMADE. 


Bo Kwon

Bo is Elina's sister-in-law and momther of 3 years old son. She is also full time

3d artist in Vancouver with illustration background. She helped Elina at the

Vancouver Baby Fair and immediately felt in love with LIANHANDMADE.

She knew how much Elina is passiontate and determined about her brand and

she saw a bright future of it. Then she joined LIAN. As Elina is tied up with

designing and making part of process, Bo is handling the rest on the side.

She is also planning to design the fabrics especially for LIAN's raingears.

She is hoping to keep this work as a full time job one day!

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